Life is full of tests, isn’t it? Sometimes they take us by surprise, while some times we spend hours and hours of studying just to go through this stressful process. On the one hand, we refer to daily tests and problems we are called to solve like choosing the fastest way to arrive at a meeting. On the other hand, we most probably have to do with school or college exams.

However, that may be a promotion test in which of course we have to surpass ourselves to land the post we had been dreaming of all our life. No matter what the occasion is, we had better be ready to excel. Otherwise, failure is just around the corner. But when do you really have to take a step back? When is it more likely that you will nose dive? Wouldn’t you like it to know beforehand?


Availability, a term we tend to hear more and more often these days. But why? Aren’t we available a few hours each and every day of the week? No, we aren’t. In fact, in this age and era we struggle to find some time gaps to eat or sleep properly or even have a bath, let alone having fun by going out for a drink or escorting our children to their Saturday party. You see it can’t be helped when we have to finish that complicated project that should be submitted by tomorrow at the latest or being employed both as a full-time and as a part-time employee since life was tough with us and we barely make ends meet. Hence, in such a case we may even find it difficult to take a usability testing which would though be a nice change and escape from our weekly program as well as a form of extra income.


More often than not I realize that I have some available time to spend working but I just can’t. Has it ever happened to you too? Why is that? But of course, because all of us are extremely drained. Being hired ten or twelve hours every day six or even seven days a week is no easy thing and sooner or later such a load comes to surface. That is when you can hardly eat or drink despite the fact that you are more than hungry and thirsty. All you want though is just lie on the sofa and watch your favorite soap operas. That is the exact moment that your own self has broken down due to excessive assignment and only a good night’s sleep can alleviate and relieve you. You wouldn’t take a test under those circumstances, would you? You might as well take one, but disappointment is more than certain to come about.


Apart from such prohibitive whys and wherefores to avoid a test and put it off till next week or next month, there is another crucial factor. You may have arranged your schedule so that you do not have to return home at ten or eleven at night. You may even have ceased some time-consuming habits or hobbies. Congratulations! You have done all the right steps to success since you truly believe that such measures have prepared your mind and body appropriately for that important examination. But have they indeed? Maybe not. You did not plan the study of your syllabus that well and now you find yourself spending the night over a couple of books to get as ready as it gets. So, be cautious and never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today. Be hard-working but well-organized as well. All in all, if one or more of the above obstacles appear in front you, it would be better to think it twice before attempting a high and dry examination.

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