What Are the Necessary Qualifications for Becoming a Professional Caterer?

Do you love food? Do you love to entertain with your culinary creations? There is a good chance that you would thrive in a career as a professional caterer. This profession combines some unique aspects of the restaurant industry with a few added bonuses, like the ability to travel and to visit different events and celebrations. When it comes to becoming a professional caterer, there are two routes you can go: you can become a chef for a catering business or you can start your own company. Usually, working with an already established catering business will allow you to build the experience and knowledge you need to break out on your own. Here are some of the necessary qualifications for becoming a professional caterer.

While becoming a caterer mainly requires a passion and a natural talent for the culinary arts, it is usually required to have your college degree, especially if you want to get hired by a catering company. If you want to start your own business, you may want to take business administration courses, which can either be achieved in a four year university or some kind of associates degree program. Regardless, having an advanced degree will definitely boost your chances in the industry.

Another qualification that is necessary – maybe even vital – is a passion for food and food making. This passion doesn’t necessarily need to be life long, but it should be evident in the dishes you create. For instance, if you were to secure a job with a catering company, like Martin’s Caterers, they will want to see that you can not only make delicious dishes, but that you also have a drive while cooking. This drive will set you apart from all the other people clamoring to get their foot in the door of the culinary industry – specifically the catering industry.

Next, you may want to get some kind of degree in the culinary arts. There are many cooking programs and schools that allow you to take courses having to do with the art of making and preparing delicious dishes. In these courses, you will learn the basic lessons and you will build the foundation to create unique recipes. You will also learn more advanced lessons that can help you create more complex dishes. No matter if you are trying to secure a position with a catering company or if you are opening your own business, having this kind of education and training could prove to be incredibly important on your path to becoming a caterer.

Lastly, you will also need your necessary certifications and permits. You can usually apply for these certifications and permits by passing exams that have to do with food preparation and sanitation. If you want to start your own business, you will need these licenses and certifications to start working in a commercial kitchen. Once you have these permits, you can finally get to work. If you are opening your own business, all you need is a little marketing and you’ll be on your way to creating a successful catering company.

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