Top 2 courses to Learn Free Online IT, Science and Research in 2021

  1. Python Programming

What is common between Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and Quora? They are all Python programming language users when we last checked! 

What is Python?

It is a popular coding language used by many programmers and companies. Programmers use it to build websites and mobile applications.

Why is Python Popular?

This language is versatile and can be used easily in diverse fields such as gaming, web frameworks and applications, language development, prototyping, graphic design applications and so on.

This versatility of this language and ease of use is one of the key reasons for its popularity with companies and software programmers alike.

You can click here to learn the basics of this language for free.

  • Big Data Analytics

Over the past few years, the field of data analytics has grown by leaps and bounds.  Today almost every company, be a toothpaste giant or a matrimonial site, uses data analytics to take business decisions.

Data analytics is almost everywhere!

Nearly 90% of all small, mid-size, and large organizations have adopted analytical capabilities over the last 5 years to stay relevant in a market where large volumes of data are recorded every day.

They use it to formulate solutions to build analysis models, simulate scenarios, understand realities and predict future states

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is basically analyzing a large number of data and checking for interesting trends or insights which emerge.

For example, if a company wants to launch a new toothpaste, it will gather data on the different kinds of toothpaste and other dental hygiene related products that people buy.

Then it will analyse this data to understand which brands of toothpaste are popular and why, which problems are still not addressed by current toothpaste brands, any other interesting trends regarding people’s behavior for purchasing dental products.

This data analysis will form the foundation of the company’s business decision when launching new products.

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Why is it popular?

More employment opportunities, higher pay scale, fast career development, use of analytics across different industries – from finance to technology to media make this a popular career option.

Basic knowledge of mathematics, statistics, science and research make learning data analytics easier.

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