Sponge Playgrounds (Also Known As PIP Rubber)

As a child, certain playgrounds always felt a little more ‘luxurious’ than others. Some were rock solid and any fall was sufficient to severely bruise any of the little bones that fell in the area.

However, there were others that just felt like sponge. Falls were hardly painless, but they barely caused a scratch when compared to the solid Tarmac versions. The reason this occurred was because they took advantage of Poured-in-Place rubber – although as we’ll now find out, there’s several other reasons why these sponge playgrounds are firm favorites with facility owners.

Advantage #1 – They’re Poured-In-Place

We’re not trying to state the obvious, but developers love these playgrounds as they’re hugely quick to erect. Rather than place tiles all over the playground, and incur massive labor charges, they’re just poured in and left to set. It’s the definition of easy and when it comes to the finishing touches of a site, and a playground usually falls into this category, this is all a developer wants.

Advantage #2 – They’ve developed significantly over the years

Once upon a time, there may have been a few question marks hanging over the PIP technology. While it was soft and ideal for those expected playground stumbles, there were concerns over its durability.

Fortunately, other products have been developed to improve this factor. While a lot of PIP surfaces arrive with a decent guarantee, it’s also possible to purchase repair systems which can renew a surface’s color and general condition. Click here for more information about such products.

Advantage #3 – They’re ‘green’

Technology has also come to the rescue from another green perspective. We all know the power of LEED and how developers will do anything to grasp those elusive credits. Well, PIP rubber can actually gain you some of these and in a few cases, it can actually prompt state grants being awarded to your scheme.

Advantage #4 – …But they also arrive in other colors

The surface might be green in some regards, but don’t let you think this relates purely to aesthetics. With demand for this surface going through the roof over the last few years, it means that more and more suppliers are starting to offer hoards of different color schemes. Black used to the norm, but now it’s not uncommon to see purple, blues, greens or any other shade that falls under the rainbow.

Advantage #5 – They’re hugely customizable in other regards

On a similar note to above, PIP rubber is hugely customizable in other regards. For example, gone are the days were playgrounds fall into a standard size and shape, with the ‘pour-in-place’ nature of the solution meaning that they can take whatever form the developer desires. In other ways, they can be of different thicknesses, while some will look to titivate their edges to add even more variation.

Of course, even though this article has mainly concentrated on playgrounds, let’s not forget that PIP rubber has countless other uses. It’s used for many more recreational areas but with playgrounds being what it is mainly known for, the above has hopefully highlighted just why the material is now a developer’s dream.

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