Skills Uber Drivers Should Have

If you travel across town frequently but don’t own a vehicle, you likely often use rideshare services like Uber. Not only are Uber vehicles comfortable, they are generally reliable. 

But what makes Uber rides so safe and reliable? Ideally, Uber drivers are not only skilled but also experienced. Apart from having all the necessary skills of a regular driver, you should expect an Uber driver to have other skills that will come in handy and ensure that you don’t get hurt in an Uber

So, what skills should an Uber driver have? Before requesting an Uber, it’s imperative to know the skills that your driver should have. Read on to find out.

Effective Communication Skills

One of the essential skills that an Uber driver should possess is effective communication. Considering that he will be carrying you and other passengers in his back seat for the better part of the day and both make them comfortable and ascertain where they’re going.

Communication is a necessary skill for running any business successfully. If your driver can’t communicate with you well, you are bound to give negative ratings to your driver. With negative ratings, an Uber driver can rest assured that he won’t make a decent income! A good Uber driver should always at least attempt to engage his clients in conversation.

Defensive Driving

Your Uber driver might consider himself to be the best driver out there. However, if he doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of defensive driving, then he doesn’t stand a chance of succeeding as an Uber driver. 

Did you know that there are myriad benefits for learning defensive driving? For starters, your driver can save a lot of money on his premium insurance. Also, he stands a better chance of minimizing driver license points in case of speeding and other moving violations.

Generally, defensive driving is an important skill for any Uber driver. While your Uber driver stands to benefit greatly from taking a course on defensive driving, he will also be guaranteeing your safety as a passenger. 


Another important skill that your Uber driver should possess is self-discipline. He will need to know how to manage his time, money, and decide on the best routes to take. All these require self-discipline.

At the same time, self-discipline plays an integral role in how he drives on the road. A self-disciplined Uber driver will follow traffic rules. He won’t cause harm to you and any other passengers due to reckless driving. Therefore, your Uber driver needs to master the skill of self-discipline.  


Being alert is one of the most critical attributes of an Uber driver. Since the road can be utterly chaotic, chances of getting into an accident are always high. However, being alert will go a long way toward ensuring that you don’t sustain injuries in an accident.

Remember that not everyone is a good driver. At the same time, your Uber driver will be sharing the road with drivers who are intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs. Although he can’t entirely avoid getting into an accident, being alert will minimize your chances of being involved in an accident with a reckless driver. 


It’s one thing to be a driver and another thing entirely to be a skilled and excellent driver. Your Uber driver will need to be the latter to drive you safely. And although training to be a driver is crucial to being an excellent Uber driver, it’s your driver’s experience that will set him apart from the rest. The skills mentioned earlier are vital for any formidable Uber driver. Be conscious of them every time you board an Uber, and you can be sure to enjoy your ride.

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