Is Your Web Host Not Keeping Up Their Part of the Bargain?

You might have believed that creating your own website was the tough part. However, choosing the right web host can be just as difficult. You took all of this time and effort to make a site that you could be proud of, but if your web host is letting you down, there is a good chance people are missing out on seeing it. Don’t just settle for your site being up and running part of the time. You want to ensure that it is live 24 hours a day.

What Exactly Is a Web Host?

Even if you created your own website, you might be unsure of what a web host is. You may not even know who you are using to host it at the moment. A web host is a company that houses your website on their servers. If their servers are down, then your site is currently off the internet.

Why Would Your Site Not Be Up and Running?

There are a few reasons why your site might be down frequently. Your site could be stored on a shared server. This means that hundreds of other websites are on the same server as yours. If there is a lot of traffic going to all of these sites, it could lead to the server not being able to keep up with the demands. When this happens, the server goes out and all the websites are down, even if your own website was not receiving much traffic to begin with.

But then again, perhaps it is your fault that your site keeps getting shut down. If you have a lot of plugins and integration running and it constantly freezes up because of the amount of bandwidth being used, you could be crashing the server. Of course, you can eliminate some of the plugins and fix this problem yourself then.

Or you could go ahead and find a more dependable web host that can meet all of your demands. It is easier than you may think to transfer your domain name to a web hosting in Canada that will work with you and try to satisfy your needs. They may even provide you a better price as well.

There is no need to just accept that your website won’t be active all the time. By finding a new web host, you can fix the problem today.

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