Decorating College Dorms – Get the Right College Dorm Bedding!

Decorating College Dorms - Get the Right College Dorm Bedding! - 1If your child is heading off to college for the first time there’s probably lots of household conversations about what to bring and what life in a dormitory might be like. Not all college dorms are the way they used to be back when you were in school; in fact many dormitory rooms are laid out more like apartments and include a shared bathroom and communal living room. Check with the school to get a better understanding of the dormitory layout; make sure to get a checklist detailing what the school provides as well as what sorts of things they may prohibit or restrict.

You may be thinking that prohibitions include no cars for first-year students and things of that sort but there are also some very practical and specific safety considerations. Many dormitories restrict the use of extension cords; they may allow a power strip with a surge protector but may not permit a basic lamp extension cord.A microwave oven may be acceptable while a hot plate or electric wok may not be allowed. Halogen light bulbs are also prohibited in many dormitories so it’s important to check any lamps you plan on bringing to make sure they are in compliance. It’s best if you know the rules before you buy something you can’t use – when it come to electrical appliances it is better to be safe than sorry.

Typically the school will provide some basics – they are likely to include a bed frame and mattress, a desk, a chair and a chest of drawers which may or may not have an attached mirror. There are some websites which feature comprehensive college dorm checklists designed to help you get anything and everything one might need at school – has a great college supply site plus they can deliver the goods directly to the school which cuts down on packing and hauling. They also offer a lot of tips and suggestions on how to make the most of the limited space available in most dormitory settings.

College dorm bedding is generally different than the standard twin bedding you may have at home; most dormitories use twin extra-long (also known as twin XL) mattresses to accommodate the widest possible range of students. This means the standard twin sheets will not be long enough – you will need to invest in twin XL fitted and flat sheets; a standard twin quilt, comforter and blankets will work. Be sure to choose easy care bedding which are machine washable and dryer-safe; a reversible quilt or comforter is a good idea. Take a look online and you will find many versatile options – the Chase dorm room bedding kit includes everything you need to create a stylish and luxurious bed away from home, all packed into one reusable storage bag. Dorm kits typically include a comforter, pillow shams, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, pillowcases and two towels along with a storage bag – it’s the easy way to pull a dorm room together in minutes.

If you seek a more comprehensive assortment, check out the solid navy dorm room kit designed to make getting ready for college easier than ever. It includes a twin XL reversible comforter and sham, a conventional pillow and a support pillow, two three-piece sheet sets so you never have to rush the laundry, a mattress cover, mattress pad and mattress topper, a comfy blanket, two bath towels and two wash cloths, two under-bed chests, a bedside caddy and a pop-up hamper. Save time and money – shop for dorm kits and more and make life easy; you’ll want to use your free time to plan and pack.


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