Top 2 courses to Learn Free Online IT, Science and Research in 2021

Python Programming What is common between Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and Quora? They are all Python programming language users when we last checked!  What is Python? It is a popular coding language used by many programmers and companies. Programmers use it to build websites and mobile applications. Why is Python Popular? This language is versatile and can be used easily in diverse fields such as gaming, web frameworks and applications, language development, prototyping, Read more [...]

Top Tips for Breaking Into the Digital Marketing Industry

These days, it seems like so many people are working in the digital marketing industry. Whether they’re bloggers who’ve mastered SEO or people who spend their entire lives on social media improving a business’s presence, digital marketing jobs are on the rise. Many of them are remote, too, so if you love to travel or work from home, it’s a great way to use your creative and analytical skills while living a lifestyle that suits you. But it can be challenging to break into the digital Read more [...]

Free Google Training: Learn Digital with Google

Learn about free Google training. In 2012 Google launched its platform of free online courses called Google Pros. 4 years later Google launched Digital Active a program to learn digital with Google. Discover the programs: Not easy to navigate with Google training. Indeed, since 2012 the web giant has launched its platform of free online courses called Google Pros. A few years later, Google returns with Digital Active by expanding the target of its programs.   A real for the Read more [...]

Lean is dead, long live lean!

In a recent article Marc Andreessen suggested that we have made a 180 degree turn away from the lean startup methodologies of the last decade. The essence of what he says is correct. A change is overdue because of the rise of superficial lightweight startups that lack purpose. However, lean methodologies have made a big impact and are here to stay. There is little doubt that the old methodologies needed to change. Too much time was spent on market analysis, number crunching and formatting Read more [...]

5 Essential Home Repair and Maintenance Skills

As many new homeowners are well aware, things can seemingly go wrong out of the blue. One minute something works just fine, the next minute it is falling apart. This is especially true if you have young kids running around the home like wild animals. Since having children is enough of a financial burden (bless their hearts) without having to pay a contractor every time a new home repair crops up, we decided to present you with the most essential home repair and maintenance skills you can Read more [...]

How to Prepare for an Extended Vacation

With the winter season fast approaching, many people will be looking to escape the frigid North American climate for something more mild and pleasant. Travelers often take the opportunity to disappear to a warmer destination for a month or more during this time. These more extended vacations can be thrilling while also causing a great deal of stress, particularly when it comes to planning and getting organized before your trip. In this article, we go over some useful tips to help you prepare Read more [...]