Is Your Web Host Not Keeping Up Their Part of the Bargain?

You might have believed that creating your own website was the tough part. However, choosing the right web host can be just as difficult. You took all of this time and effort to make a site that you could be proud of, but if your web host is letting you down, there is a good chance people are missing out on seeing it. Don’t just settle for your site being up and running part of the time. You want to ensure that it is live 24 hours a day. What Exactly Is a Web Host? Even if you created Read more [...]

Accessing Quality Automated Software Testing Tools

Computers are everywhere these days.  Some computer systems are standalone units designed to manage a simple task, such as turning lighting systems on and off at set times during the day and throughout seasons.  Other computers are multi-use systems, such as the computers we all use at work and at home.

All of these computers require software to make them function properly.  Since software is usually developed by an individual or team of people, they are subject to potential errors and oversights Read more [...]