Accessing Quality Automated Software Testing Tools

Computers are everywhere these days.  Some computer systems are standalone units designed to manage a simple task, such as turning lighting systems on and off at set times during the day and throughout seasons.  Other computers are multi-use systems, such as the computers we all use at work and at home.

All of these computers require software to make them function properly.  Since software is usually developed by an individual or team of people, they are subject to potential errors and oversights that could cause a malfunction at a critical time.

Of course, all software should be tested as thoroughly as possible prior to distributing it for public use.  The most thorough method to achieve such a result is through the use of automated software testing tools.  With automated test management, you are given the opportunity to put a piece of software through a rigorous test, while noting performance and durability.  By repeating certain tasks and functions rapidly and continuously, you can readily determine the reliability of given modules of a large software system.

With the rise in popularity of web apps, the use of web automation testing has also become a standard in the industry.  This allows developers to completely test the compatibility of all browsers and other devices, and to also verify the solidity of their developed product.

One company that stands head and shoulders above other providers of automated software testing tools is TRICENTIS, who boasts an impressive list of clients, such as BMW, Siemens, Southwest Airlines and HBO, to name just a few of companies who regularly rely on their services.

By the way, this tongue-in-cheek article provides another perspective on how to get the most from automated testing by comparing what they call anti-patterns for automated testing with the famous seven deadly sins.  However, the greatest sin of all is to either ignore or downplay the importance, value and necessity of automated software testing tools!

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