5 Hot Jobs in the Insurance Industry

There are so many things in life that people need insurance for, including life (or the end of it, to be more specific). Most people have insurance policies to cover health, home, auto (and other motor vehicles), and even unemployment. So if they have unanticipated medical costs, their home is damaged during a flood, an earthquake, or a break-in, they are involved in an auto collision, or they unexpectedly lose a job, they’ll be covered during their time of need. And in the case of life insurance, their loved ones will be able to cover the cost of their end-of-life needs, pay off a mortgage, and have some cash left over. If you’re interested in helping people to find the insurance policies that fit their needs and their budgets, now is a great time to get into the insurance industry, which is not only fairly stable, but is in need of all kinds of new employees thanks to ongoing changes in technology, as well as recent healthcare reform. Here are some hot jobs in insurance that you might want to consider.

  1. Sales agent. This entry-level job does not generally require a college education thanks to the training programs provided, and it’s a great way to break into the industry. Of course, you will have to hustle for clients, but over time you can build up a pretty good book, and for the most part only minor maintenance is needed to keep your clientele satisfied. You will, of course, have to deal with claims to some extent. And ongoing training is essential. But in time you can become a team lead, a supervisor, or a manager, and you can earn a decent living without having to take on the debt of a college education.
  2. Actuary. If you have a head for numbers, a job as an actuary may suit you. This position is financial in nature, and it requires you to assess whatever is being insured in order to determine the risk of damage or loss, as well as the dollar amount associated with damage or loss. You’ll then weigh this number against competitive rates in order to determine how much particular insurance policies are going to cost. This job definitely requires schooling, but the payoff is a salary in the 6-digit range.
  3. Cybersecurity specialist. Insurance companies deal with a lot of sensitive customer data, and a breach in security could lead to serious consequences for both clients and the company. So the call for professionals who specialize in cybersecurity is on the rise since most companies have converted to digital file storage.
  4. Digital marketing expert. Insurance agencies are always on the lookout for new ways to connect with consumers, whether they happen to be looking for insurance or not. And digital marketing looks to be the way of the future, especially since it can bring prospective customers all over the globe within easy reach. So those who excel in digital marketing techniques are bound to find a home in the insurance industry.
  5. Chief strategy officer. The insurance industry is constantly undergoing changes, and the only way the average insurance broker is going to keep up is if someone at the top of the heap is giving appropriate directions. Compliance with changing laws is always an issue, but with Obamacare firmly entrenched in the healthcare landscape, a chief strategy officer that can find a way to work with the new legislation is going to reap the rewards. And everyone from executives down to Jaquenette Harris- Allstate Insurance Agent will benefit from having someone capable and diligent at the helm.

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