5 Benefits of Working in Career Counseling

Career counseling¬†is an extremely rewarding career path. This job will require you to love interacting with people on a regular basis. It also includes strong planning and organization skills as well as a background in Psychology. Your job will be to tap into people’s goals, aspirations, inspirations, strengths and weakness to help them navigate the job market and find a position that they will find rewarding and exciting. If these topics and areas are of interest to you, then you should really consider this career path as well as the 5 benefits of working in career counseling.

  1. In this role you will be able to help employers find qualified, passionate employees. One of your jobs is to help companies and employers locate and identify employees that will help to enhance their business with the skill sets they desire. You will look for job seekers who fit the criteria communicated to you by the employer in order to find a good match that all parties will be excited about.
  2. As a counselor focusing on career placement you will be able to guide your clients as they work to find meaningful careers that they will be excited about each and every day. As a career counselor, you can help people find meaning in their lives by presenting them with options and opening up doors to a lifetime of success and opportunities.
  3. Career counselors get to work with and interact with all kinds of people on a daily basis. If you are a people person and you love to talk and socialize, this is the job for you! People will feel comfortable talking to you and coming to your with their fears, frustrations and worries. You not only have to be a good coach and advisor, but also a good listener who is attentive to a client’s concerns as well as their passions.
  4. Work in an organized manner. If you love steps and organizing, this job will be for you. You should have strong planning skills and the ability to plan ahead for the future. You will be guiding your clients step by step in order to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. This requires patience and discipline but also provides wonderful results that they will be so fateful for in the end.
  5. Finally, you will be able to study human emotions, motivators, interests and more. You will be using psychology principles while assessing individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, talking to them about their desires, goals and dreams, and connecting people in the work place, helping employees and employees make contact as a liaison. If you love studying the human mind and finding out what makes people motivated and passionate, this job will be extremely rewarding for you as a professional.

Working as a career counselor at a firm such as Catalyst Action Coaching, LLC, provides you with so many benefits. Not only will you enjoy an exciting, thought provoking career option, but you will also be able to help other people find their passion and their place in the job market so that they can achieve success and find happiness in life. In addition, you can help them link with potential employers, aiding all parties involved.

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